In 2015 we – a group of young designers from Barcelona – set out to revolutionise the watch industry. We bring the traditional vision of big companies and the innovative vision of new, emerging brands hand in hand into the digital world. We were tired of seeing watchmakers come up with the same old standard designs, so we decided to do something about it.

Our name – Naak, which means "naked" in Afrikaans and for us symbolises the greatest possible authenticity and uniqueness that a person can perceive – was born out of this disconnect.

An radical style that has revolutionised design. We are part of a community in Barcelona that inspires us to distil a disruptive essence.



Our mission

We strongly believe that being different and unique is an added value. We revolutionise design in the fashion and accessories world from Barcelona, providing high quality, ground-breaking, radically new products at popular prices.

Our promise to you

We have designed and made all of our products with the aim to revolutionise each and every style. We adapt the latest fashion trends and use unconventional combinations of materials to manufacture unique and distinctive products.

We believe customer service is essential for the Naak experience to be as revolutionary and sophisticated as our products.

Naak is 4.0 brand that has striven to improve society right from the get-go. This is why we are always backing social initiatives that strive to make a difference and create a more sustainable and responsible world.